Custom Date Beaded Bracelet


Write the date exactly as you'd like it displayed (ex. 12.17.21 / 9.9.22)

The perfect gift to mark a special date in your life: 

  • Dates 
  • Coordinates
  • Anniversarys
  • Birthdays
  • Engagements
  • Wedding

3mm 14k gold-filled beads with alphabet letter beads.

Enter what you want on the bracelet including symbols + letters. Specify if you want a bead in between each letter like the photo.

How to measure your wrist:

STEP 1: Measure your wrist with a flexible tape measure or a strip of paper just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear the bracelet.

STEP 2: If you are using a plain strip of paper, mark your size with a pen or pencil then use a ruler to measure the length. That would be your wrist size.

STEP 3: Whatever your side is add half of an inch and that is the size we recommend ordering.

All Sales Final. View Exchange Policy & Care Instructions here.