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Kids Beaded Jewelry: Made from 14K Gold and Sterling Silver Beads

Explore the cool vibes of our gold and silver mixed beaded bracelets for kids. Each bead symbolizes innocence, joy, and the cherished moments of youth. From our 3mm gold beaded bracelet to our 6mm silver beaded bracelet, there's something perfect for sharing your love with your child.

Sterling silver embodies timeless elegance, symbolizing the purity of childhood. We design these bracelets not only for beauty but as a potential heirloom your children can keep forever. 

Are you looking for something more luxurious and sophisticated? Our gold beaded bracelets for kids include the radiance of gold, which adds warmth to every moment. As these bracelets encircle young wrists, they can showcase your child’s personality and flair. 

Our beaded bracelets are tangible tokens of love and joy. Every time your little one looks at their beaded bracelet, they will feel love and remember the magical moments that define their childhood.

Discover the Perfect Colorful and Fun Beaded Bracelets for Your Littles!

No need to worry if your kids aren't into plain silver or gold – Beaded Blondes has you covered! Explore our vast collection of colorful and fun beaded bracelets. Think vibrant rainbows, soft pastels, and more. 

We have a wide range of options with our kid's beaded jewelry. Celebrate a birthday with personalized Swarovski birthstone bracelets. Allow your child to express themselves with custom children's bracelets. We have all the alphabet-letter beads to spell out names or your favorite inspirational words. We have choices that suit their unique style.

If your kid loves a particular sport or team, they can showcase it with a themed bracelet.  We even have BESTIES bracelets for sharing between best friends. 

We craft each piece to handle all the awesome things children love doing. Let them choose their favorites and shine in style with our colorful beaded jewelry – the coolest way for them to show off the amazing THEM!