Caring For 14 K Gold Filled Jewelry

Our rings are carefully handmade to size with heavy-duty elastic string, 14 K gold-filled beads, or sterling silver. A good gold polishing cloth or jewelry cleaner will help to remove tarnishing.

Please note: sunscreen, hair products, nail polish, bleach, perfume chemicals, nail & hair salons with high-level sulfides in the air, or hot springs can permanently cause damage.

Gold filled jewelry does still contain a brass core.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tips To Avoid Unraveling

We offer a 3 month guarantee and will replace your item if the string starts to unravel free of charge. Unfortunately with wear and tear the thread can come undone we offer a $5 restring fee + shipping you can purchase here

Tips To Avoid The Green Finger

Even if a person purchases an expensive piece of 14k/10k gold or silver jewelry, these prized metals can still pose potential skin discoloration problems. If you happen to be among those who are highly sensitive to the most commonly used metal alloys, like copper or nickel, you can still enjoy that ring without turning green. Here are a few tips to minimize the most common reactions with skin:

Apply a coating of clear nail polish to the inside of the ring, creating a barrier between your skin and the metal. Repeat as necessary.

Keep your skin dry. Don’t wear jewelry when swimming or bathing. Remove rings to wash hands and dry skin thoroughly before putting rings back on.

Don’t wear lotion on ring finger(s).

Don’t wear jewelry during workouts or other activities that will result in heavy sweating.

Remove jewelry when using household cleansers containing bleach or wear waterproof gloves.